Hey Amigo!

Latin American inspired Street Food


An example of our daily menu 

Chicken Fajita - Fresh Chicken Breast which is marinaded overnight in our secret spice blend. Cooked fresh on site along with fresh Peppers and Onions. All served in a warm flour Tortilla along with your choice of Salsa, Sour Cream and Cheese.

Chilli Con Carne - Quality Beef, slow cooked with Vegetables to our special recipe and containing Kidney Beans. Served with a choice of white rice or homemade Cornbread. Gluten Free!!!!.

Vegetarian Fajita - Fresh Peppers, Onion, Mushrooms and Chickpeas, all cooked in our secret spice blend and served in a warm flour Tortilla with Sour cream and Salsa. 

The Great British Breakfast Burrito - A mouthful to say and a mouthfullto eat. Fried potato, Peppers, Bacon, Mushrooms and a Fried egg wrapped in a warm flour Tortilla. A great start to the day and completely portable

Our spices are used for flavour and will have a natural warmth but definitely mild so is good for most tastes. We do have a separate homemade Hot Sauce for those who like a little more spice and for those who really like it hot there is Liquid Lava, we will leave heat level to your imagination.

If you have any allergies, please speak to us and we can advise you as to whether our food may contain any risk to you.